We hear a lot about the importance of self-care. But, there’s more to it than making time for yoga or getting a massage. The most powerful things we can do for ourselves is to experience radical self-love. A belief in ourselves and our divine purpose is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. Only when we show up for ourselves can we fully show up for others.

Let’s talk about 3 Life-Changing Steps to Take To Experience Radical Self Love!


Basically talking to yourself in a way that you embody that which you say. You speak, hear yourself, and believe yourself. The key element is then operating from this new perspective. Concentrate on the feeling (gratitude, motivation, excitement, etc.) this affirmation brings forward and bring it to your awareness throughout your day.


This is setting the course of your ship.

Often we set out toward a goal and don’t bother to chart our course. We know we will pass along some main points but we do not take deliberate action to make sure the journey is smooth. We may not even realize we have that type of internal control.

The Buddha dedicated his life to understanding the nature of the journey and emphasized some principles that have helped him sail in a way that aligned with what he believed.

The important point is in setting a path, not that one particular path is right or wrong.

I like to focus not on what the Buddha said specifically, but that he took a stand against waves of life that threaten to throw us off course. He experienced great suffering, loss, and pain and used those experiences to solidify the foundation of his practices. He no longer allowed outside circumstances such as the desire of one thing or another to influence his internal state of inner being which is a sense of peace.

Essentially each of us has the responsibility and control to live our lives. We must remember that if we willingly choose to forfeit our choice to choose THAT is in itself a choice.

Why not choose to live our lives on our own terms in a way that deeply matters to us?

It’s never about who is living life correctly. There are no rights and wrongs. It is natural to think in these black or white terms and can be very helpful to gain footing in unknown territory.

However, it is our responsibility to learn about situations and assess whether or not it is still serving us.

Take Action

There are a few simple, accurate and always effective ways to gauge whether or not our way of being or engaging in something is or is not serving us and the greater good.

List the positive and negative emotional states that arise with this situation or relationship.

If the negative outnumber the positive, it’s time to make some changes.

As incredibly simple as this is, we may wonder why more people are not able to instantly feel into their emotional state and navigate accordingly.

This is where limiting beliefs, habits, and conditioning hold us back and trap us behind doors of familiarity.

Do you recognize the voice of this inner critic?

“This is unsafe don’t go beyond”

“You aren’t worth entering this space”

“What makes you think you can walk through this door?”

“I can’t promise you what is on the other side of this door. Better safe than sorry.”

These and endless more inhibiting fearful beliefs keep us internally locked up by our own devices. Of course, it may have originated from experience with someone.

But we choose to believe them and then continue living our lives as if it were the truth.

I want to bring your power back to you.

Whether you realize it or not you have the power to choose.

Just like you choose what to eat you choose what to gets your attention. The thoughts you choose to feast on become your beliefs and therefore your inspirations or limitations.

Answer these questions:

  • If I could do, experience or be anything what would it be?
  • Write down the limiting beliefs that get in the way of you fully stepping into unlimited possibilities. (I don’t have time. I don’t know enough. I don’t have the money.)
  • Now flip it!
  • Write affirmations stating how you view your ideal self.
    Here are examples to get you started
  • I have more than enough time for everything I love.
  • I express myself creatively.
  • My opinions matter.
  • I have valuable gifts and talents to share.

Repeat this process on a daily basis. Make it part of your morning routine.

Then watch the magic happen!