You can easily take in the emotional temperature of a room and can see a person behind the mask they wear. It may feel burdensome but it is truly a superpower to be able to read those around you accurately. Recognize yourself as a Feeling Warrior. It’s time to step into your power and OWN it!

Empaths have often been misdiagnosed as anxious, overly sensitive and made to feel ashamed of the ability to feel the emotions of others.

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Research indicates 15-20% of the population possess uniquely tuned nervous systems, often referred to as being a highly sensitive person or empath. Women more often than men are socially accepted in their roles as an empath, but that does not necessarily make it any easier.

Often women are not aware they’re empaths and feel their emotional sensitivities are being attacked. They get the message that something is wrong with them, they’re damaged somehow. In truth what is happening is they are receiving and feeling the emotions of others.

Struggles of the Low Vibe Empath

  • Feeling frightened by negative emotions that seemingly have no source.
  • Experiencing symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.
  • Feelings of abandonment.
  • Mistrust of themselves and others.
  • Periods of impulsive decisions and reckless behavior.

For some, when challenges arise, they attempt to toughen up, take more control or turn to substances and other addictions in an attempt to desensitize the physical body.

These tactics work for a short time until they realize their emotions are exploding in tantrums and panic attacks and they become more terrified of themselves. It becomes painful trying to control emotions that can only stay buried for so long. Empaths experience ‘out of nowhere,’ outbursts, frightening them and those around them. This creates a vicious cycle of control and emotional turmoil that can take the form of panic attacks, anxiety, and even social anxiety due to fear of the unexpected emotional outbreak.

The Empath and the Narcissist

It’s a tale as old as time. And not the kind with an enchanted rose and a happy ending.

“An (emotional) vampire goes in the for the kill by stirring up your emotions. Pushing your buttons throws you off center, which renders you easier to drain. Of all the emotional types, empaths are often the most devastated.” – Judith Orloff

The empath, already struggling with lack of their inner emotional atmosphere will feel intrigued by the narcissist. Here is someone that seems so exciting, so open to connection and makes the empath feel special.

The empath feels she is damaged and can’t be fixed. She understands the narcissist who seems like a safer “project” to take care of. She fails to realize no one can be helped if they are not willing to help themselves. Her worth never lies in what she does for others but rather how she carries inner love. It’s self-respect that ultimately inspires others.

The empath eventually realizes that not only can she not change anyone else, but her own self is desperately in need of attention in order to feel confident enough to live life.

She changes herself and raises her vibrations.

But how?

Once you gain the self-respect and inner love to do what pleases you, not for the benefit of others, but for the right of your existence to be happy, then that inner light starts to brighten enough to invite others into your field of love.

I call you to reclaim your abilities for your OWN wellbeing. Clearly navigate the uncharted waters of life by allowing people, places, and situations to inform you so that you can choose your next step.

When you are enjoying yourself, that positive energy is more potent than all your greatest efforts to give to others could ever provide.

When working with an empath I help you cultivate your own inner garden. Together we strengthen your internal abilities and shift limiting beliefs. We work to cultivate internal boundaries, learn to understand strength and weakness. We set the stage for success rather than self-sabotage.

When you know everything about you is innately wonderful, you start attracting healthy friends and partners from this elevated state of loving and trusting yourself.

5 Characteristics of the High Vibe Empath

  • Understands and reflects the deep emotions of others without internalizing them as her own.
  • Can double another’s joy and divide sorrow.
  • Shows others their true potential and unique gifts.
  • Engages in inspiring conversation about meaningful goals and ideas.
  • Enjoys a vibrant social life and maintains her sense of self-worth through boundary setting.

The most incredible thing we can do for ourselves is to just share our love. The love that changes the world develops from understanding each of us is here with unique and special gifts. Rather than developing relationships from a place of manipulation we are called to celebrate differences and not to compare ourselves with other people.

“When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination the whole world opens up to you.” –Susan Sarandon

I want to hear your story! Tell me:

Do you identify as an empath?

When did you realize this about yourself?

Do you find yourself stuck in negative relationship patterns?


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