About  Rising Consciousness Center


The Center’s healthcare model is unique, integrative and effective. Our services combine the ancient wisdom of the east and the technological advances of the west. This one-of-a-kind approach provides you with science-backed modalities to wellness delivered by five incredible spiritual and intuitive practitioners.

Together we help you move toward optimum health and cultivate a balance of mind, body & spirit.

Our motto “see one of us, get all of us” reflects our vision and uncompromising approach to your health and wellness.

You will initially connect with the team leader, Dr. Maya Shakti to gain the clarity of what it is you most want. She passionately blends together her experience and wisdom gained from over 10 years as a clinical psychologist and her own approach developed by going beyond academia and traveling the world, studying with healers, shamans, and intuitives to provide the most up to date effective healing practices. Through her compassionate, attuned listening you will gain the comfort and support your inner wisdom has been waiting for in order to fully release all that is no longer serving you to allow your own unique gifts an opportunity to be rediscovered.

Then the healing truly begins as Maya provides a personalized service plan including a diverse team of therapists, life coaches, doctors, shamans and reiki masters.

This comprehensive approach to integrated healing will create a powerful foundation to re-connect you to your inner strengths and resources allowing you to go beyond healing to feeling self-empowered.

It’s  Your Time To  Rise

Our incredibly talented integrative practitioners are well recognized experts in their fields of Energy Practices, Sound healing, Shamanism, Meditation, Alchemical Healing, and Transformational Coaching. Together they provide you with a combination of services that synergistically guide your path to holistic wellness.


My Question to You

When working with us you will heal past traumas, overwhelm, feelings of heaviness, and limiting beliefs.

But beyond that, new worlds of potential and possibility will open up to you.

You’ll be guided to show up fully present for fresh, new moments.


Just by reading this, you are opening up to new ways of being yourself. As with any first step in a new direction you need encouragement and support.

Let’s guide you back to your strength, intuition, and personal passion.