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Dr. Maya Shakti

Growing up I always felt this divide between who I am and what I was told to be. I was a boisterous, loud, creative and excited kid that would take any opportunity to burst out into a song or create a play. I believe that it is our birthright to live joyously and enjoy our lives, and yet with all the expectations that are put on us, it can feel heavy at times with not much space left for play.

In high school I was introduced to psychology and got excited with the opportunity to teach myself how to help myself which would later translate to helping others. It gave me the tools to temporarily heal some of the pain I felt. I pursued a career in the field and began creating a life doing what always felt important, which was helping and inspiring others.

Eventually, there comes a time when we are faced with ourselves. Everyone’s inner being will choose a unique way to get through to them. For some it may take the form of illness, accidents, losing someone we love or simply, as was the case for me, at age 28, I really looked at myself in the mirror and I just felt this deep inner sadness. I had all the things around me I thought equaled a pretty good life. But everything still felt so difficult, like running uphill. My body became stressed and rundown too. Despite doing everything I knew to take care of myself physically, I continuously fell ill and spent much of my time and energy trying to feel better. I sat looking out the window of my office one day and realized having everything I thought I ever wanted was NOT making me happy.  I was serving the wrong master. I knew this emptiness inside would never leave me if I didn’t make myself my own master.
We are taught to serve the society that says we need to achieve certain things, do certain things, to behave and look a certain way. Reconnecting with our soul’s true purpose and making ourselves a priority is really the only authentic path to lasting abundance and joy.

I left my home and the career I had spent a decade creating to reconnect with who I am. I had no clue why I was traveling more than halfway across the world, but something deep inside was guiding me and I finally stopped pushing against myself. Out of my comfort zone, I rediscovered what I was made of.


This journey changed everything.

I found I was a bold, badass woman who fiercely enjoyed her freedom and wasn’t afraid to love.

By leaving everything that I had worked so incredibly hard to achieve, I allowed everything I could ever dream of and more to appear. It didn’t take hard work, changing myself or becoming ‘better’. It was just stripping off all that wasn’t me so that more of ME was calling the shots and enjoying the life that surrounded me. Only when I surrendered to myself in love did I attract the love of my life. Only when I stopped making plans did I find myself in all the right situations. Only when I took responsibility for my life did other people stop pushing their agendas on me. Only when I put myself first did I have the strength, confidence, and wellbeing to share more, make a greater impact, and fuse ‘work’ with ‘love’ with a deep sense of purposeful contribution for the highest benefit of everyone involved.

The world needs more people that are willing to inspire and not just wait around to be inspired.

I invite you to step forward into your own moving picture of untapped potential.

I invite you to say hello to that inner child and ask her to share her most incredible dreams with you.

What would you do if there were no limitations? How would you show up as a person if there was no one around to judge you…if you didn’t judge yourself?

Remember…this is your life. Not your parents, not your teachers, and certainly no one you admire or look up to.

This is your life and is on your terms.

It’s up to you to clean up the ‘stickiness’ of what others over many years have woven into this spiderweb of mess and confusion.

When we are intimately connected with our truth THERE IS NO CONFUSION.

Life becomes simple. I do what I want…I do what I feel. I just am NO EXPLANATIONS NECESSARY.

An empowered woman:

Is not afraid of putting herself first.

Knows her value.

Trusts that goodness is in store for her.

Knows what her BS is about and knows when to stop others from putting BS on her.

Is never alone because her very presence brings a smile to her face.

She dances and sings for a crowd of one….even if she is alone she is always ALL-ONE.

Loneliness is not part of her vocabulary.

If you feel inspired or moved by an empowered woman…remember the beauty and inspiration we see on the outside is a mere reflection of our own true nature. If you are ready to clean the mirror of hate, judgment, and guilt, ready to see the innocence and beauty that is all around you…then you are ready to take this one wild and beautiful life of yours to a whole new level.

Expanding My Capacity To Serve

I am delighted to share the EXACT processes that have greatly impacted my life, leading me to access deeper love, abundance, and fulfillment. My story is your story. You can heal old wounds. You can let go of past traumas. You can find your soulmate and experience success in your career. You can wake up EVERYDAY excited about the life you live. I know because I’m doing it and it is my HONOR to show you the way. When working together we will reconnect with your ever-flowing source of inner wisdom. My professional clinical psychology training built a solid foundation for the other profound healing modalities I offer as services. Bodywork and Movement (Somatic), EMDR, Meditation, Shamanic Healing, and Energy Psychology provide a magical combination of Eastern and Western techniques that I use to empower others to take back their lives. I am ready to guide your journey to getting to know your inherently incredible self.  ARE YOU?

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