Change This ONE Thing to Experience Law of Attraction Magic

Hold an image of a happy child in your mind. She laughs uncontrollably at something which, in our experience, seems totally nuts. She is completely immersed in pure, unadulterated joy.
We want that. So we THINK that this, that, or the other thing outside of us can trigger that sort of internal ecstasy bringing forth genuine laughter.
Somewhere in our journey into adulthood feeling good turned into something you had to DO in order to achieve this elusive joyful state.
Have you ever wondered what would happen energetically if you played at life, staying busy just enjoying the present moment instead of waiting for a payoff?

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Stepping Out of Fear’s Shadow Into Strength and Self-Love

Dr. Ford with her hand raised and eyes closed, with every word of her testimony, breathed empowerment into the divine feminine within us all.
With every #metoo and #believewomen we must bolster ourselves with faith in the infinite love we all possess within.
It’s always been there.
It is the opposite of fear.
This is what we do.
We love ourselves. We choose the love over the fear.
We release the trauma and with it, we release the power it has over us.

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5 Stellar Characteristics of the High Vibe Empath

You can easily take in the emotional temperature of a room and can see a person behind the mask they wear. It may feel burdensome but it is truly a superpower to be able to read those around you accurately. Recognize yourself as a Feeling Warrior. It’s time to step into your power and OWN it!

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Welcome from Maya- An Introduction to RCC

When we realize our support system needs an upgrade this is an incredible time to gain insight from someone who has been there themselves. I offer a comfortable place for you to share your story. I’m excited for you to discover what lies beyond that story. Learn how to to reconnect with who you were truly meant to be.

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How to Go Beyond Surviving to Thriving In Life

How to Go Beyond Surviving to Thriving In Life We often initially seek treatment because we are experiencing conflict in our relationships or we are struggling to be our best selves. We come to professionals for help when we feel broken or we have a...

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The Modern Woman’s Guide to Setting Healthy Boundaries

I eventually came to realize the problem wasn’t that others should be more aware of my limits. I am the only one who knows what I am capable of giving and doing. Many people never come to this realization or refuse to accept responsibility for themselves. They experience a continuous spiral of blame, guilt, exhaustion and low self-worth.
I didn’t want to be that person. I knew I needed to make some changes.

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