It seems too unbelievable to be true when it happens. Almost magically you actually receive the very thing you’ve wanted. You experience a sense of awe and immeasurable gratitude.
Now what? How long can you maintain the blissful state of joy, happiness, and satisfaction?
Be honest with yourself. How long does it actually last before you are at it again pining for the next thing to become totally obsessed with?

That void or gap soon reappears and you become totally convinced that this time, this thing, situation, or fill-in-the-blank will be what sustains you as you ride the merry-go-round from one high to the next.

Stop and think about this for a minute. Are you even clear what it is you want in the first place?
Is it the thing or is it what you think you will feel once you have achieved it?

Everything in our day to day society convinces us that if only we had the perfect look, place, vehicle, partner and so on, would we then feel good. We all want to feel good, yet it seems the harder we work, the farther away the horizon seems, always just out of reach.

Why do we continually fall into this game of trickery, running after happiness, trying to catch it as if it was some elusive elf at the end of a mythical rainbow? Here is why.

Hold an image of a happy child in your mind. She laughs uncontrollably at something which, in our experience, seems totally nuts. She is completely immersed in pure, unadulterated joy.
We want that. So we THINK that this, that, or the other thing outside of us can trigger that sort of internal ecstasy bringing forth genuine laughter.

Somewhere in our journey into adulthood feeling good turned into something you had to DO in order to achieve this elusive joyful state.

Have you ever wondered what would happen energetically if you played at life, staying busy just enjoying the present moment instead of waiting for a payoff?

When we stop trying to be something other than what we are in this moment we have so much more energy to fully show up. And from there the magic can occur. This is not to be confused with ‘faking it until you make it.’ This is NOT secretly striving only for the outcome so THEN you can be happy. It is a surrendering and openness for what is in this very present moment.

For me, this realization was a response to getting the things I thought I wanted. I truly believed that when I achieved my goals I would then somehow transform into a totally different person who felt happier and more fulfilled. Initially, it was incredible to see what I had been working on and wanting for so long materialize. But it was eye-opening to realize that it didn’t really affect who I am or at least how I experience myself. At first, I was taken aback, but then I experienced this relief realizing ‘there is nowhere to go and nothing to do.’
Everything we want to do has probably already been done and so it’s not about proving anything to anyone especially not yourself. It’s really about doing what you want because you feel like doing it and not because somehow, you doing it, will make you feel a certain way. If you want to express from your heart don’t overthink it just connect with your heart and go from there. Often we get suspicious if things are presented to us in a simple manner. Since so much of our lives we had to work hard, prove our worth and fight for what we believe, anything less seems like a lie. And yet logically feeling good and reaching for what actually makes you feel good makes more sense than the long road of achieving this or that to hopefully feel good.

[bctt tweet=”You are enough now. Not when you look a certain way, have a certain thing or achieve a certain thing. You are enough now because literally, everything in your entire life has brought you to this moment.” username=”RisingCcenter”]

If you can’t recognize where you are and appreciate this very moment in time how does it make sense that in some distant future you’ll suddenly have the ability to stop and appreciate where you are? How convinced are you of that? Have you not already gotten something you’ve wanted only to realize it wasn’t really a game changer?
Will anything really ever change the game or is it the player that decides how to play that changes the game?
If you could have the very thing you’ve always wanted how would your life be different?
How would you feel different than how you feel now?
Are you convinced of this?
If so, what stops you from feeling that way now?
Is there something in your life now that can stimulate that way of feeling without yet having the thing you think you need?

If so, do that as much as possible. Get familiar with the feeling states you want to acquire…that is the law of attraction because when you become exercised in feeling attractive, feeling fulfilled feeling happy only then will that altered state of goodness give you the vantage point of not only attracting but being open for that energy.

“We don’t attract what we want. We attract what we are.” — Wayne Dyer

Have you noticed how annoying it can be when you are feeling terrible and someone next to you is totally happy?
Or how uncomfortable it is when you feel good and someone next to you is complaining?
These feeling states DO NOT match each other and create friction.
Your journey is to figure out HOW you want to feel then figure out the recipe to getting into the feeling state NOW.
If you need help watch children on the playground to witness their joy at the moment.
Then as much as possible get into that feeling state now and allow all that you want to simply be an expression of what you are.

You are amazing.
You are perfect.
You deserve to enjoy this gift that is your body in this incredible playground you’ve been born into.

Enjoy! enjoy enjoy enjoy because if you can’t even enjoy this moment of complete incredible accomplishment of just being here who is to say that anything more or less would be any different.
Enjoy it because, in the end, you don’t get to keep one darn thing you’ve collected. Like a beautiful sand castle, anything you’ve built will eventually wash away.
When you are gone the only thing you can take with you is the love that you have for yourself in your heart.