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Our team of experts is working toward making our individual and collective bodies of work available for purchase online. We will continue to release new courses periodically.

The Art of Manifesting Prosperity

Learn to harness the power of this energy that is readily available for you to access financial abundance. This is the ‘work’, the integration process to literally to carve out a new path of prosperity in a way that feels fun, flirty, and possible! Money is just energy and it’s time to have fun with it, and not be so repelled by all that you’ve been told. On completion of the group, you will have a new set of skills to continue cultivating and strengthening your frequency and relationship to prosperity in a way that allows it to manifest at a faster pace than you knew was possible. Change your energy change your life!

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Woman of Now Mastermind Course

I want to invite you to prepare the inner soil of your garden so that we may create the ideal atmospheric conditions for you to thrive.

I will guide you to achieve nothing and to enjoy everything.

To just love yourself and from this seat of already being already fulfilled, you can just enjoy the rest of the unfolding experience that is life, which will only usher in more of that which you already are.

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