Dance Meditation Transformation




Meditation is the bridge which connects the creation to its creator. Look around yourself, everything is perfect, life is an experience of possibilities. The mountains, the river, the sky and everything perceivable is flawless. Who created all of this in such perfect harmony?

To realize the creator does not imply by giving it a name or a label. To realize the creator is to connect with it. For instance, when a guitar player plays his instrument, we get this feeling of joy and perhaps even our body feels the relaxation as we dance to the rhythm of the music. The guitar brings to life the musical note, through vibrating the strings. Visualize these strings as the consciousness which is making the music and consider the guitar as the space where the creation of music is taking place or as the source from which the music comes from. It is very obvious, the consciousness is creating the sound in the case of the guitar, but what is making these strings resonate to such a beautiful rhythm which makes you thump your feet to the ground in joy. One gets so absorbed and mesmerized by the music of the guitar that you do not know or have a clue that someone is playing the rhythm.

If there is the guitar player sitting without playing his music you will not notice him, you will not connect to him, but if there is music and rhythm then somehow you will connect to the guitar player. Your experience of the musician is through his music, you understand his personality, his style, his joy and his love from his music. Standing alone without his music, he is a stranger but with his music he connects to your heart and you intuitively know him.

Likewise, you can connect to the creator through his creation. You are part of this gigantic rhythm, we are just a fraction as a whole but the creator is present in us all as part of his creation. Through meditation you connect yourself with the creator. Meditation is a sacred place of celebration and joy. When you dance to the rhythm of the musician, you become the music. When you celebrate your existence, you can feel the creator who enjoys his creation through your joy. Just as you make a delicious meal, putting all your love in it. You feel the meal is good and full of your love, but you can only experience the real taste and goodness through those you feed and those who cherish and enjoy your food. You have created an amazing dish, but you enjoy your creation through the joy of another who celebrates and enjoys your food. So does the creator of the universe, he enjoys his play and creation through you as you celebrate his creation.

Dance Meditation Transformation(DMT)

Every morning as the sun rises, the earth, the trees, the birds celebrate the joy of being present to the beauty of a new day. When Life begins as a celebration, it continues as a joyous realization for the rest of the day. This feeling of gratitude and thankfulness gives one contentment and peace. Every morning is a celebration of being present and being alive in this gift of life. Existence is providing us this joyous experience and through our humbleness of letting go and flowing with this energy of divinity we can complete this cycle of infinite love.

When anything makes the heart happy, it expresses itself with the notion of dance. Dance is the ultimate expression of being lost and becoming one with what is. Dance is the way to express that which cannot be expressed in words.

Dance, but do not be the dancer. If you are the dancer, then somehow there is still something controlling you, but if you become the dance without thinking or judging yourself then there is no one to control and only joy is left as you surrender. When you dance forget about everything and allow your true expression to be felt through you.

The way to let go of self and become the dance is through non-judgment of what you think about yourself. The depth of meditation is going beyond your internal thoughts and letting go of the preoccupation of ‘what others may think or what may happen’. No one is judging you except yourself, others are way too busy judging themselves, so relax and enjoy. Become the dance by letting the dance happen through you. Once there are no thoughts and no judgments whatsoever is left, let it out through the expression of dance.

1) Keep your eyes closed during the whole meditation, as your mind will wander away if you look. Find a safe spot for yourself where you can comfortably do the meditation.

2) The key is to keep the movement going. You have to challenge your mind and continue the movement.

3) Do not be focused on others, pay attention to what you feel within yourself.

4) Be hydrated.

5) This meditation is best done in the morning before starting the day. Empty stomach is recommended.

6) This is important: Breathe in from your nose and breathe out from your mouth during the first two phases that involve movement. At any moment you feel you are experiencing thoughts and difficulty to keep the movement focus on your breath and keep the movement going.

7) If for any reason you feel the need to stop or take a break during the meditation do so diligently while keeping your eyes closed. Do not open your eyes when you take the break. Maintain the meditation with eyes closed regardless if you are or are not participating in the movement. Let the vibration of the music and people around you raise your awareness.

8) Be relaxed during this mediation as it involves movement, if you are not relaxed, your muscles will be tensed and one may get sprains and pulls. Enjoy the meditation with ease and fun.

How will I know that I am doing the Dance meditation in the right manner?

During the movement process remember the way to check and see if you are doing it right is by checking in with yourself and assessing your level of enjoyment. During the process you must always be joyous as you are celebrating the dance and not doing a rigorous boring routine of movements. If at any moment you feel it is getting hard or the joy is fading take a deep breath, stop and start again but always be enjoying, that is the key to this meditation.
Initially, for the beginning few days, you may not be able to do the dance as per the time frame, take your time and with practice, consistency and focus you will achieve 5 minutes of every phase of the meditation.


Duration: 5 minutes

This Phase requires you to Jump in a certain manner as per the guidelines given by Shiv to activate your chakras. Just as in the case of Newton Cradle experiment when you strike the last ball or your base chakra the momentum travels to the the first ball or the crown chakra, this will only work if done as per the guidelines.

Through this specific manner of jumping you awaken each and every cell of your being. Enjoy the movement with joy not as a task. As you move invite your inner child to come out which enjoys play and fun. Remember your childhood and how much fun it is to jump! Children do not exercise they play, allow this to be more of a play and fun activity. If at any moment this specific method of jumping becomes harder, take a break.

Take your time it is not a competition, maybe first few days’ do the movement for a minute or two always respect your body. You can do it without any doubts, believe in yourself, and the benefits of these five minutes will show you miracles.


Duration: 5 minutes

Relax your shoulders and raise your hands straight up vertically parallel to your head and continue the specific jumping rhythm. This stage is designed to bring in the sensation of pain. Your Focus is to get over the sensation and move deeper in your meditation. If you are a genuine seeker of truth, then you can take 5 minutes of sensation. This stage is designed for you to overcome your physical and psychological idea of pain. If you can do it on a physical level, then somehow it becomes easier for you to overcome your thoughts when you are sitting in Shunayata. For some, it may seem challenging in the beginning to keep up the rhythm and coordination. Take your time and with daily practice you will eventually train your body. Take a break if you need to but keep the breathing going as per the guidelines.

During this stage vision yourself making a connection with the sky above, to the ground below. The energy from the sky and the universe above flows through your hands, passing through your body and grounding through your feet.

With grounded heart, there is nothing but Love. Vision your ego and thoughts leaving your body through your feet and Universal love and innocence entering from above through your hands.


Duration: 5 minutes

“Whenever it rains, the peacock rejoices by opening its wings celebrating its existence.”

When it rains, the peacock opens up its wings, shakes all of its wings to establish a flow and then it dances rejoicing the gift of being present to witness the rain.

Relax and discontinue jumping allowing your hands to fall by your sides. This is the moment you will experience freedom of being in your body. Shake your body rigorously just like the peacock wings and release all the tension which is there to be released. The muscle tension is from years of traumas and non-expression of your true being. With shaking you will release the trauma and hidden emotions in your body muscles. Gradually, with days the shaking will turn into vigorous body movement. Whatever comes through you let it happen. Do not think, let your body respond to the music, as this music is very specific for your body to express itself. You will simply witness what happens to your body. This music will shake through you if you will allow it to do so. Along with the shaking you may also release vocal tensions through yelling or screaming. Screaming will exercise your mind to experience silence, you may laugh or cry during this stage whatever comes let it out. You are an expression of self just let the self-express through you. Shake, scream and release it all out with no goals.


Duration: 5-10 minutes

Sit down with your right hand thumb touching your index finger and your left hand open facing downwards so you can experience the flow of energy through your whole body. Witness and observe how this divine energy of consciousness is flowing through each and every cell of your being. No thoughts, no pain, and no emotions just observation.


Duration: 10 minutes

Lay down on the ground with open palms. Let the experience sink in deeper. The music which is played during this stage is designed to marinate this experience of being transcendent. You will experience the joy of floating freely in love and acceptance. Be a witness who is observing.

After 10 minutes

You will be encouraged to stand up and do free flow dancing with music. Beloved Mystic, feel yourself coming into this new experience of dance with no mind or thoughts. Experience the creator through the experience of the dance without participating in the dance. Love, celebrate and enjoy as you seize The Dance Meditation Transformation.


The Dance Meditation Transformation is copyright under US Copyright Act. Written Permission and certified Training is required for public offering to do the Dance Meditation Transformation. 


Get on your magic carpet.

“I absolutely LOVE Shiv’s Dance Meditation Transformation. It is like nothing I have experienced before. When he says, “Get on your magic carpet” you are in for the ride of your life! The music is so invigorating, it actually takes over my body and I can fully release all my tension. I leave feeling relaxed yet energized. I plan to make this part of my weekly routine. Thank you Shiv for creating something that is so simple, yet has so much profound effects on my mind and body.”

-Susanne Frilot
Founder of The Healing Trauma Conference

Let it all go and you will know true healing.

“Dance Meditation invites you to let go of what you think you know about life, meditation, yourself, and why you are here. It invites you to let go of your ideas, thoughts, and beliefs and be open to possibilities and not attached to outcomes. Dance Meditation stretches you past your comfort zone into places unknown and that is where the true healing and excitement begins….in the ethers. Welcome to cosmic union. Prepare yourself to surrender your preconceived notions about love, life, health, and vitality. Let it all go and you will know true healing. Shiv is a lovely, safe and supportive guide into the unknown. He provides a safe place to truly explore yourself and your capabilities. Shiv and his practice invite you to step into infinity, the unformed and the undefined to know true freedom and liberation. May all who come here be infinitely blessed. Thank you, Shiv, for holding sacred space and giving me the tools to grow past my comfort zone and truly expand and empower myself.”

-Ashley Brothers
Founder, Teacher & Healer – Institute Of Indigenous Alchemy LLC
Bones of the Earth

3 days with you has been more beneficial to me than many years in therapy!

“Unlike anything I have ever done for self-care and advancement in my spiritual awareness, I decided to try the consecutive 5 days and I feel like I am healing trauma that I have been holding since birth. Each day an epiphany…. lighter, calm, feeling like I am in slow motion at times with a deeper appreciation of life treasures that we seem to overlook. I told Shiv “3 days with you has been more beneficial to me than many years in therapy!” You must try this to understand your fullest potential.”

-Stormi K. Bettiga
Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Food Goddess Oregon

I am releasing a lifetime of suppression, programming and traumas…

“I have been meditating for 50 years on and off. Except for an occasional good nap, there were no discernable awakenings in my meditations. I sent out word in the universe for my desire for change in my meditations and it was answered by a man name Shiv and his Dance Meditation. The changes in me were noticed quickly. I am releasing a lifetime of suppression, programming and traumas and filling it with freedom, clarity and tranquility. Acknowledging what a powerful being I am. Golden is the silence within.”


Never Mind Retreat

Shiv will be sharing and leading Dance Meditation Transformation (DMT) at two Never Mind retreats in 2020. If you are interested in learning more and experiencing this transformative modality yourself, you can click on the link below to learn more.