Enough Already With Making 6-Figures With Content That Sells!

How about we talk about content that inspires? Content that lifts and allows others to heal?

When I started on my journey creating RCC, I had the vision to expand my work capacities in order to better serve through collaboration with other healers. I began researching and learning how to launch an online business. What I found was a virtual sea of upselling strategies, marketing, and how to get people ‘signed up.’

Signed up! I heard that so many times over that I started doing what most of us do when we feel overwhelmed about getting a specific result. I started looking at what others similar to me were doing. The difficulty with that was I struggled to find authenticity. No one was doing what I wanted to do, which is why I want to do it; to bring a unique flavor to this whole healing business. When I started digging, others were putting the business before the healing. I’m here to turn it around.

The ‘start an online business’ rabbit hole of selling myself quickly got in my way and I forgot why I wanted to do this whole thing in the first place.

I love helping others come to know themselves, love themselves, and enjoy themselves more deeply. This work is natural for me since I do it on a continual basis. But when I started to teeter off my path, I noticed that even my work with new clients had changed. I was no longer having fun with my clients (which was my usual experience). Now it felt like I was continually ‘selling’ myself ‘selling my services and putting a need in their want.

My initial reason for starting this business in the first place is to provide authentic effective support for individuals to heal and thrive.

I easily got swept up in the sea of inauthenticity, of other people’s desires, influences, and tactics. Through coming back to my own healing techniques, I woke from my ‘media-induced’ trance to see how far I strayed. That realization put me right back on the toward what I truly want which is not much of a want at all but rather it’s a BEing.

I want to be me, I want others to be themselves, and I trust that this process itself will unfold all that is meant to unfold.

I have come to the conclusion that the so-called “manifestation at the end of the tunnel” is not what life is about. I had that, and the moment I got it all was the very moment I decided to leave it all.

I’m not saying I don’t love money or things. I’m saying if that is your only focus you will completely miss the point. The things are fun side expressions of your experience, they are never and can never be the focus. They do not bring the happiness. The feeling of being your authentic self and simply sharing your gift with others is enough, and others benefiting is like the cherry on top!

To receive abundance, including financial wealth from that, is all a reflection of the abundant nature of your own being. Abundant in love, compassion, and freedom. Those are the only true forms of abundance. Everything else is a reflection of your inner state.

Focusing on the outcome and not the process is like buying a decadent dessert and throwing it in the toilet because that is inevitably where it will end up. You get my point?

I am excited to get back to myself, back to what feels right, not to ‘trick’ people into working with me but to present authenticity because it feels so good and that allows me to share myself with others. This solid foundation of my business allows others to show up more authentically for themselves.