Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some frequently asked questions about working with Rising Consciousness Center.
Who is Rising Consciousness ideal for?
You don’t need to carry the weight of the world. RCC services are here to relieve you. If you identify with any of the following you will benefit.

  1. Going through a period of transition– changing careers, relocating, healing after a life event, or letting go of an old identity and way of being.
  2. Feeling overwhelmed emotionally– an empath or highly sensitive person who feels energetically drained by others. You need assistance with utilizing your gifts of feeling the creating a stronger sense of self, and establishing clear boundaries so you aren’t highly influenced by the energy of others.
  3. Falling into the perfectionist trap– having difficulty accepting yourself, experiencing feelings of unworthiness, insecurity, and low self-esteem.
  4. A ‘pleaser’– putting others ahead of yourself, struggling with an overly active mind that gets in the way of freely expressing yourself. You feel you are ready to quiet the mind and explore your creative, intuitive side to do less and accomplish more.
  5. Not moving forward– feeling stuck, lost and disconnected from your true self. You may feel numb, heavy, disconnected or standing on the sidelines of your own life.
  6. Wanting to make a global impact– not sure how to proceed whether that be as a healer, entrepreneur, or creative. You are struggling with sharing your gifts, being seen and receiving recognition and abundance.

If you felt the internal head nod to some of these descriptions above, I would love to connect with you! 

What does RCC Mean?
Rising Consciousness Center represents the call as a collective society to raise our own individual consciousness making a shift in our evolution which is currently at a crucial tipping point. An example of this a popular studied phenomenon called “The 100th Monkey Effect” which details how when enough monkeys learned a new behavior of washing sweet potatoes it was not just a learned behavior that quickly got passed to the next generations, but incredibly a surprising number of monkeys were reached (the hundredth monkey). This previously learned behavior instantly spread across the water to monkeys on nearby islands. Meaning that our individual choices and even small behaviors can and DO make a significant difference in the lives of those around us. We must accept that no man is an island. When we reach our highest potential we energetically enable the whole of humanity to do the same!
Do we meet in person?
Initially, we will connect for a complimentary phone consultation to best assess your needs and figure out the best course of action. You can be sure there will be no upselling a service or package. Instead, we’ll decide exactly what will best serve your needs and create a unique protocol to get you started on your path to wellness. We utilize a securely encrypted video conference software that will provide you with easy accessibility from anywhere with any mobile or computer device.

* Depending on where you live we may also be able to offer you in person sessions which you can inquire about.

What is so unique about RCC?
Through collaboration, your healing will not hit a dead end or halt in progress. We strive beyond the Western modalities and include up to date practices to enhance the effectiveness of our work together. We consider the WHOLE person when creating a plan for how to best serve your needs. We consider the changing and evolving nature of any healing journey. With our mind, body, and soul approach we cover a wide range of interrelated issues focusing on underlying causes for any outward symptoms in order to fully address the CAUSE not just the SYMPTOM for lasting results.

* For more information visit our complete list and description of services.

* For more information on specific services feel free to look under services we offer for a complete list and description of services.

How long will this take?
This is an important question to ask before committing to any new endeavor. We bring you the most efficient approaches cutting through the fog and providing you the tools to clarify your intentions and gain the most out of your experience. Generally speaking, many people progress beyond their “initial” symptoms that brought them to start treatment within 2 months. Of course, motivation level, time, availability and particular needs make each person’s experience uniquely theirs.
What is the experience of working with you like?
This will of course be unique experience for anyone involved, and yet we have noticed very specific feedback from most of our clients that describe their work with us. Check out our testimonials to get a better sense of what people are saying about working with us.