Not now later…

I will take better care of myself.
Practice more self-care.
Show myself compassion.
Love myself.

If I didn’t manage to do it in my twenties where I literally only had to keep one person alive myself with the help of my parents, I definitely don’t see myself doing it now with an active one-year-old and a family to financially support.

And yet if not now then when?

It has to be now. It is only in the now in this very moment that we can consciously affirm our very truths that although may not feel like a reality, will in time grow like a seeding and sprout into the most beautiful self-love flower you have ever experienced.

We don’t have time for that. We would much rather pay someone else to tend to our gardens.

I’ve been there. I have paid many to no avail to maintain my garden. The key ingredient to really see my garden thrive is my loving awareness.

It’s like we each are like our own individual suns shining our conscious awareness on our internal gardens. We can of course…

Hire a gardener
Someone to water
Someone to clean it up

And so much more but none of that will allow that flower of yours to truly emerge.

Only the light of your own love ❤can shine upon you to awaken the beauty within.

I have been there also fully shining, fully in the light and joy of my very being AND yet that too is not enough!

For those parents out there I’m sure you’ve had one of those stellar days where you just rocked it as a parent. You were mindful, calm, enjoyable and even set healthy boundaries allowing your child to truly thrive.

And then the next day came and it was as if yesterday was a distant memory and as your child is wailing throwing a wild tantrum you wonder what happened ? Where did I go wrong!?

Well you did not go wrong so much as we all need the most important reminder I recently heard at a conference with the Dalai Lama…

It takes practice!!!

And then AFTER that it’s just a daily, hourly, moment by moment practice!


Sorry but I’m not sorry…no quick fixes, not something you can put someone else on the payroll to ‘take care of’ this is just specifically gifted to you and you alone.

To shine your brilliance on yourself and enjoy the gift that is your life.

If you are looking for tips on how to get started download this 7 Step Morning Routine.

And if you are interested in deep diving into empowering yourself. I would be honored to guide you back towards rediscovering your power to shine.

As always stay bright and beautiful.