We’ve all been there. Scrolling our feeds, feeling sorry for ourselves, envying the highlight reel of our “friends.” In these times when we are caught up in gossip, judgment, and comparisons we are not allowing ourselves to be who we are.

On the other hand, when you feel free and are so wrapped up in enjoying yourself you will notice you no longer spend time dwelling in others’ lives because you are immersed in the sweetness of this present moment that what others do or don’t do is not on your list of cares or worries.

Psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihaly is credited with researching the state of flow that can be achieved in life by speaking our truth. He defined it as existing in the presence of several characteristics. He came to the conclusion that flow is a universal experience, which has several important characteristics:

  • Clarity of goals and immediate feedback on the progress.
  • Complete concentration on the present moment.
  • Merged actions and awareness.
  • Loss of self-consciousness.
  • A heightened sense of control and no worries about failure.
  • Transformation of time.
  • Intrinsic reward.

In my work with clients, the first step is simply speaking it out. From there I allow my intuition to guide us in removing all the obstacles that come up as to why you feel you cannot enter this or that doorway towards more inner freedom.

So yes, the modalities and techniques can come in handy, but merely as tools for releasing the knots of your inner mind. Ultimately they are not the answer nor the cure. They are just ways of smoothing the road to your freedom.

3 Easy Steps to Inner Calm and Peace

1. Notice: When you notice you feel irritation, annoyance or just feeling out of breath
2. Stop: What you are doing and more importantly just drop the thoughts or as I prefer to suggest which can be more effective is completely immerse your attention to your breath.
3. Breathe: A long slow deliberate breath into a soft and relaxed exhale. (Don’t worry if this is not easy yet. It’s a practical tool that needs you to practice it in order to be practical.)
Repeat the breath 1-3 times and repeat steps 1-3 as many times as you’d like to strengthen your internal state of well being.
You won’t find a more powerful tool that anyone anywhere can give, sell, or do for you. So enjoy your ability to quickly easily tune into your inner peace.

It is and will always be your choice and responsibility in each moment and situation to respond to what you feel called to express. Whether that be saying yes because you feel like it or saying no because you don’t.

These simple yet profound ways of living create the foundation for your freedom. When we are aligned with what we feel there are no longer any regretful tensions hanging on us slowing us down and clogging our energies from experiencing the unrestricted potential of pure joy.

Only when we are willing to say YES to ourselves does the world say yes to you.

With all my training and experience I have learned to sit patiently with myself during times of frustration, times of pain and hurt. And, ultimately I choose self-compassion, not because I should, but because it works.

I have tried all the other stuff and beating myself down, shaming, blaming, and punishing didn’t do much to change the way I was showing up in situations. So I slowed down, took a step back and started responding instead of reacting to the situations around me.

Only then was I given the opportunity to take notice of the soft and gentle expression within me. Over time that which was always speaking to me grew louder and clearer.

I am now ready and willing to listen and I can show you how to access your inner guidance and wisdom so that you gain your greatest love, advocate, and confidant; someone that has been with you from the very beginning and is guaranteed to be with you until the very end.

Help on the outside is wonderful, but never mistake it for the answer. It is, at best, just preparing you and the soil of your being, cleaning the weeds and planting the self-love and compassion that will one day blossom into a garden full of joy, love, and freedom.

This is what you want. This is what we all want and this is who we are…

So it’s time to release what is no longer serving you to allow the space for something new to emerge. Within you, there is everything you need only waiting for you to be ready to take the first step.

No matter the journey each new beginning starts the same way.