How to Go Beyond Surviving to Thriving In Life

We often initially seek treatment because we are experiencing conflict in our relationships or we are struggling to be our best selves. We come to professionals for help when we feel broken or we have a problem that needs fixing.

But what happens after the initial reason that brought a person to treatment has been resolved?

I see traditional therapy as one of many steps in preparation for a shift into an entirely new way of being.

We weren’t meant to simply survive. We were meant to thrive.

I felt called to share those words with one of my patients after she had made significant progress with her initial presenting problem. My motivation was not to keep her as a patient, but rather to advocate for her growth in a much more expansive way. I saw who she was beyond her pain and sorrow. I saw that she was just turning the corner, going beyond the limiting beliefs that brought her to me, into a whole new world of opportunities.

After initial issues and her limiting beliefs are resolved we can move away from what we don’t want and shift toward what we do. As we focus more on our desires and vision of our ideal selves, the internal doubtful, fearful, insecure voice becomes one of love, potential, and possibilities.

When we abundantly and joyfully fill ourselves to overflowing we elevate not just ourselves, but also those around us.

3 Reasons the World Needs the Very Best Version of YOU

  1. Interdependence and Symbiosis– Like all of nature, your interactions with others are like that of a delicate ecosystem. When you empower yourself to live your dream life you achieve the appropriate balance of giving and receiving and experience healthier relationships.
  2. Paying it Forward– Living life in a higher vibration allows you to show kindness, give where you’re able, and share with others. You may even do so without even knowing, setting forth a chain reaction of making other people’s lives better.  
  3. Creativity and Innovation– When you always continue looking up and dream bigger, your imagination is set free. Being your best self means using your unique passions and gifts to put things in motion, be more productive, and inspire others to do the same.

It was not until I started taking responsibility for my own needs, wants, desires, that I really saw a shift in allowing myself the freedom and permission to be me. Only then did I truly understand the transformative power of how one heals.

I do not claim that any of my particular techniques or modalities are what will inevitably help you or that you should work with me because I received a special type of training that promises to be different, promises to work this time.

What I have come to realize over time through the work I’ve done with the incredible team I have the honor of working with is this:

We are all ultimately on our own journeys, and not me, nor anyone else can do the work for you. Deep down inside you may have already understood this to be true. Then why seek help at all? Why work with the RCC team and me?

After years and years of working with people, I have finally come to realize the ingredient that has consistently been paramount to helping others reconnect to themselves is me showing up fully present and connected to my own inner well-being.

As I continually allow myself permission to be fully free to be me, that energetic expression of who I am becomes the north star for all others. This is what Rising Consciousness is all about. It’s the remembrance of own inner freedom.  

Ultimately, we all just want to be free to enjoy our lives and by doing just that, we feel happy. It makes sense then that as your inner being is figuring out how to do that you will gravitate towards someone that is holding that flame. When working with me I am able to reveal a reflection of your own potential so that you may also be lit up and glow as the beautiful free being that you are.

3 Self-Reflection Questions for Connecting With Your Ideal Self

  1. I feel most like myself when…
  2. 5 words friends would use to describe me…
  3. If I were to give a presentation with little to no preparation it would be about…

Growth and new opportunities take us to new challenges that are best approached with a support system. This network of healers, guides, and teachers shows us how to access one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves which is our own inner guidance and wisdom.

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Then, after this complete transformation, the butterfly emerges with confidence, full of life.

To give the individuals I work with this beautiful gift is my honor as they emerge from their cocoons and spread their wings. Flying, not away from me, but towards themselves.  

Only when we are willing to say YES to ourselves does the world say yes to you! It’s your move, always been, always will be. No one, not me or anyone else with other qualifications can save you from yourself. I myself, with all my training and experience, have learned to sit patiently during times of frustration, times of pain and hurt and actively choose self-compassion not because I should, but because it works.

I have tried all the other stuff; beating myself down, shaming, blaming, and punishing didn’t do much to change the things I was struggling with. What did drastically change was my ability to respond instead of react. Then not only me but the situations themselves started to shift in ways I never would have even imagined.

The soft and gentle expression within me over time grew louder and clearer. It had always been there but I may not have been ready to listen. I am now, and I can show you how to access your inner guidance and wisdom so that you gain your greatest love, advocate, and confidant; someone that has been with you from the very beginning and is guaranteed to be with you until the very end.

Help on the outside is wonderful, but never mistake it for the answer. It is at best just preparing you and the soil of your being, cleaning the weeds and planting the self-love and compassion that will one day blossom into a garden full of joy, love, and freedom.

This is what you want, this is what we all want and this is who we are…so it’s time to forget and release what is no longer serving you and allow the space for something new to emerge within you something. It is time to take the first step since no matter the journey each new beginning starts the same way.


You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step. — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.