Empowered Morning Routine



Starting your morning off on the right foot doesn’t have to be left to chance. By taking your first step towards introducing new habits with these simple 7 techniques you too can enjoy greater vitality. Nearly anyone living in a stress-producing, energy-scrambling environment that mark our technological progress will benefit from this morning routine. Combine these methods into a morning routine that will have you singing! This daily routine builds positive habits into your energy field that will increase emotional healing, and greater resilience to your overall wellbeing. The techniques are simple yet potent, but only work unless you work them!

Here are 7 tried-and-true ways to move stuck energy, release emotional baggage, and start healing, now. They can deliver awesomeness, because you deserve to feel your best.



Yes we all breath, but very few of us tap into the potent healing power of utilizing certain breathing patterns to literally clear out tension and easily transition from a state of distress to ease. It even goes a step further by engaging in breathing exercises it can be a preparation for all the rest of the routine by preparing the body, mind and spirit for an opening which allows the rest of whatever you end up doing a place to be experienced and felt.

a. If you are feeling tension or nervous energy try the 4-7-8 breathing! Most misunderstand what happens to the breath when we feel nervous, and can’t seem to get a deepening of our breath. How ironic is it that we actually have too much breath inside already! So this breathing exercise is a way of rebalancing our breath and therefore our whole being.

Try just 2-4 cycles and than go back to your normal breathing.

b. ACTION: Breath in for the count of 4 —-Hold for the count of 7—- and then breath out completely for the count of 8.

If you can’t stick to these exact counts just do your best to initially take a breath in, then hold, and then completely release the breath fully beyond a regular exhale.

c. RESOURCE: Ready for more? Do as One is a community of breathing. They take it to a whole other level and as you benefit more from becoming more aware of the breath it won’t’ be difficult to see why. Check out: http://doasone.com/Default.aspx and click on breathing rooms. From there you will discover various other breathing techniques each one with a unique effect, from calming to activating your body like a cup of coffee would.


Increasing your ability to experience positive emotions: YES please. It seems like as much as we try, it seems that negative experiences stick while the positive experiences slip away from us leaving us with an unbalanced internal feeling of less than enjoyable emotions.

a. If you are ready to infuse your day with light and start cultivating the neural-networks in your brain, priming them for happiness and good feeling states than you may enjoy this:

b. ACTION: before (or after a meditation) or if you notice your emotional state is heading south as a good way of stopping an emotional negative reaction in its tracks.

c. Get out a pen/pencil and a notebook (you may want to get one just for this).

d. Not your average gratitude list. The instructions are as important as the list because I have distilled the very receipe to gaining the benefits of this tried and true exercise.

On the piece of paper write down I am grateful for…

f. This is not about proving to yourself or writing for others to see and judge you on. This is literally and actually just about what you are ‘feeling’ grateful for in this moment in time. It could literally be something from, I am grateful for my breath, to I am grateful for my comfy sheets, to a person in your life. The caveat with picking people to be grateful for is if you notice (and this could be with anything but often with people it comes up more) that when you initially choose someone to be grateful for if the mind starts hammering in on some less than grateful qualities about this person, this could pose as a problem for inviting those good feelings of appreciation in, so for now scrap it. This exercise is meant as a tool to get you more experience with feelings of appreciation that lead to:

g. What are the benefits of gratitude?
More than any other personality trait, gratitude is strongly linked to mental health and life satisfaction. Grateful people experience more joy, love, and enthusiasm, and they enjoy protection from destructive emotions like envy, greed, and bitterness. Gratitude also reduces lifetime risk for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders, and it helps people entangled with those and other problems to heal and find closure. It can give you a deep and steadfast trust that goodness exists, even in the face of uncertainty or suffering.

h. Not only is gratitude a warm and uplifting way to feel, it benefits the body as well. People who experience gratitude cope better with stress, recover more quickly from illness, and enjoy more robust physical health, including lower blood pressure and better immune function.

i. Unlike other positive emotions like hope and happiness, gratitude is inherently relational: it reaches past the person experiencing it and into the social realm. It is gratitude in large measure that inspires people to acts of kindness, since it’s natural to respond to gifts with heartfelt gifts of your own. And that strengthens your bonds with other people. Grateful people are rated by others as more helpful, outgoing, optimistic, and trustworthy.


Seems like the buzz word of our time! And yet its as old as time since people have been doing it for millenium, not just the millenials! Enjoy this guided meditation by our Master Meditator Shiv, who will easily guide you beyond all the mental chatter to experience the benefits of meditation.


Affirmations to Change your mind change your life. We all talk to ourselves. A major key to success exists in what we say to ourselves, which helps to shape our attitude and mindset. You may have heard of affirmations, but not really sure how it all works or how to come up with them. The benefits just to name a few include a dovetail to the gratitude practice so all those benefits, but just another incredible angle to accessing positivity for overall wellness heart, health, and empowerment. What we say to ourselves is heard by us and whether we are aware or not has an effect on how we feel. Affirmations give you the opportunity to filter what is being said and You get to choose what you want to think, you decide how quickly you feel you can inherit this new belief, you decide exactly what you’re doing it for and why. No one else needs to be involved, and taking on an affirmation is a simple as the reminders you set in place to support you in the process.

a. The best affirmations are written by you for you, but getting started is also key, so for now enjoy some of these examples. Feel free to enjoy all or pick and choose or even google positive affirmations if you’d like more ideas to start to incorporate.
b. I am enough
c. I am willing to be open for goodness.
d. I am able to see the good in myself
e. My health is moving in the right direction
f. I allow myself to believe I can be content in this moment
g. I allow myself to believe I deserve to heal
h. I am willing to believe in my ability to create healing and happiness
i. I am on my way to enjoying a beautiful day.


Boosts and restores energy, increases strength and vitality, and strengthens the immune system. The thymus gland is not only a huge part of your immune system, but is also known as the “happiness point.” It might be my favorite tapping spot on the body!


“Grounding” is the simple practice of connecting with the earth. It can help balance hormones, help us get and stay centered, and calm emotions.

Here’s how to do it:
– If you can, find a place outside to stand barefoot – grass, sand, dirt or concrete. If not, inside is fine.
– Place your hands at the sides of your waist.
-With your thumb in the front and fingers toward the back, slide your hands 
slowly and firmly down your legs.
-When you get to your feet, squeeze at the sides of your feet.
-Stay connected to the earth as long as you can, but even 5 minutes can help you feel better.
Plug in this video: if you can’t go outside but want the benefits of getting grounded check this out.


One of the quickest ways to relieve tension, stress, and any unwanted energies from the body is to shake. Yes, that’s right, the simple act of shaking your body gently bounces our organs and stimulates our lymphatic system responsible for the removal of waste material from every cell in the body, in addition to regulating the immune system. At first shaking even for a few minutes can be very powerful. As you practice more you can work your way up to shaking for 11 minutes which is a good amount of time to get the full benefits. So what are you standing there for, get shaking.

Here are some ways to get started:
a. May be fun to shake to some music
b. Make sure you don’t forget any part of your body, arms, balancing from one leg to the other or even lay down and shake all limbs rigorously. Hips, head, and even relax all facial muscles and let your jaw shake. Enjoy!

Did you enjoy? Are you ready for more healing?

You now have 7 new tools to help support your emotional healing process.

If you’ve found this helpful, and are looking to take your healing to the next level with some support. Feel free to connect with us HERE to set up a complimentary 15 minute consultation to gain the clarity you deserve to feel good.