The Woman of Now Mastermind Course

Are you experiencing limiting beliefs and ways of thinking that, although on some level you know aren’t even true, are continuously challenging your ability to feel differently good? Are you frustrated and confused by how to stop allowing these old habits to derail your intentions of wellbeing? Are you ready to stop working so hard with little relief and open to completely shifting your life by lettign go once and for all of what stands in your way of your creative persuits?


If yes, then come to learn the ways I have developed through a decade of work as a clinical psychologist and beyond that, techniques that inspired me to go deeper into the process of healing. It doesn’t have to take years, hard work, sweat, and pain. Healing is our natural innate state of being. Our bodies, minds, and souls all want to feel good…so when you tend to the actual pain with love, compassion and skillful action you experience relief rather quickly and feel a new sense of ease and inner calm.

When we say YES to ourselves on a grounded authentic level, we say YES to new opportunities and ways of freely experiencing our lives. 

Like attracts like and through this course, you will create ‘rising consciousness’ that will bring you to new experiences you only thought were possible for the ‘lucky ones’. Are you ready to clear out what is no longer working creating the necessary space to welcome in all that you only dreamed of being possible? The experience of Life is always open and available to you. It’s easy to say you want the life of your dreams. It’s another thing entirely to be available and ready to accept it into your experience.

Take the Leading Role In Your Story
It took me over 10 years of hard work, education, trial, and error to achieve what I THOUGHT I wanted. The true transformation began for me in 2015 and since then my life has shifted so dramatically. The source of this drastic increase in energy, abundance, and joy was the ability to tap into my inner strength, guidance, and intuition. I am ready now to hold space for others ready to say YES to their waiting lives. I am excited to offer you the alchemy of modalities that I have discovered on my journey. I’m here to share all that magic with you. The TIME is NOW. Come to join a small and mighty group of women who are ready to open themselves up to new possibilities. Through the Woman of Now Mastermind Course, you will grow and learn from each other. You will receive loving and compassionate support. You will embark on your own personal journey in rediscovering who you really are.

Dive Into What The Course Offers!


  • A 4-Week Session.
  • 1 live group training per week via ZOOM.
  •  Session outline, resources, and post-session exercises to strengthen your learning and             continually support healing.
  • Content uploaded to course platform after each LIVE session with lifetime access.
  • PDF Workbook packed with resources, tools for reflection activities and personal journaling throughout the process.
  • 1 one-on-one deep dive session with Dr. Maya.
  • Partnered reflection sessions to deepen learning and reinforce techniques.
  • Unlimited text/FB msg support.
  • Private FB group community to share wins and support each other.
  • VIP pricing for any additional courses and services including healing packages with other incredible RCC team members.
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Week 1– Identifying Limiting Emotions and Beliefs

Week 2– Leading Edge Healing Modalities to Let Go of the Old, Creating Space for the New

Week 3– Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Week 4– Law of Attraction methods to reinforce the new healthy internal environment.


  • You have done introspective work (therapy, coaching, groups, self-help books) at length but feel the very thing you were seeking to heal is still affecting you.
  • You are passionate about using authentic processes to heal yourself and interested in helping others do the same.
  • You feel ready and open to up-leveling through powerful insight and clarity.
  • You are ready to receive the benefit of cutting-edge treatment by learning practical tools to initiate powerful healing.
  • You seek a supportive community of like-minded women to gain the confidence to step more fully in your own power.

You are already perfect. Your only job is to let go of that which is holding you back. Rediscover the perfection that you have always been underneath all that life has thrown on you. The right opportunity will always open up when you are ready to receive.

If this speaks to you with a deep internal nod, then this is your internal call inviting you to say yes to yourself and so much more that is within you.

If you are feeling drawn and yet are telling yourself it is too much or not now, ask yourself why.

Decide from a place of LOVE for yourself, not fear. Offer your perspective some mindset shifts.

“I’m not sure I can afford it…”

  • How willing are you to bet on yourself? It’s only when we show the universe that we are all in does it match our bets and simply double it.

“I’m not sure how I’ll implement what I learn…”

  • I left home on a journey I had no idea where I was going and what I was going to do and yet I did it because it’s what felt right. It was what my soul was calling me to do. When you focus on what success and growth mean to you, then how will fall into place.

“I’m really busy…”

  • I do not know your current commitments. But I do know we didn’t come here to play out somebody else’s story. If you’re spending your time inauthentically, living your life for someone else’s ideas of who you should be, it’s up to you to take back your time.

I  can’t promise how your story will go but I can say it is special and uniquely yours and you were meant to play the leading role.

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination.

Like any movie you watch, you don’t know how the ending will turn out. You enjoy the unfolding of the story. Your own story is guaranteed to have its plot twists but it’s up to YOU to be YOU. I am here not to tell you what to do. I am here to show you how to clear your own internal roadblocks so that you too can get reconnected to your own internal wisdom and RE-discover the direction of your heart and the path of your soul’s true calling.

This journey is yours to embark on and the choice is always yours.