About Claudy-Ann

Meet Claudy-Ann

Claudy-Ann supports individuals by providing them the internal support necessary to experience benefits to health through her personalized nutrition programs, chiropractic, and quality supplement regimens.

Do the deeper work to make a meaningful shift.

Dr. Claudy- Ann Keasberry D.C., N.R.T.P., is one of only 450 US practitioners who practice Nutrition Response Testing at the advanced level. Working in collaboration with shifting levels of understanding, Claudy-Ann rehabilitates the biological parts of us that have suffered from years of neglect. Her work nourishes, rebalances, and restores the strength to feel healthy and well.

Work With Claudy Ann

To work with Shiv or any of our RCC team members, your journey will start with a session with Dr. Maya Shakti who will work with you to create a custom plan for you.