About Dafi Shanti

Meet Shanti

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Intuitive Integrate Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Pranic Crystal Healing, Past Life Regression and Medium

Shanti, LMFT, has certification in past life regression therapy from Dr. Brian Weiss. She has transformed her own life beyond a life-threatening brain tumor, divorce, and other traumatic events. Driven by her passion to empower others to feel inspired by their lives Shanti provides the space and permission to want more, to learn to ask, and receive.

Feel inspired by your life.

My work is about helping you change your perception. The story of your life that may have caused you pain & isn’t serving you anymore. Creating awareness will lead to creating change, a shift from the way you used to deal w/ whatever challenges you are facing in the present: depression, anxiety, grief & relationship. By changing your beliefs, you will recalibrate. I’m passionate about empowering individuals in their journey to better their life quality into a life they deserve. I’m an Integrative Couch I’m certified in Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) from Dr. Brian Weiss author of Many Life, Many Masters, & Pranic Crystal Healer.

I help my clients develop their own awareness, create change, & shift from the habitual stuck ways of being; to start taking steps necessary to improve and enrich their lives and the way they feel. In a direct & loving approach by guiding others to feel empowered to create powerful intentions & teach them to craft an abundant life.

My passion & work has focused on empowering individuals in their journey to a life they deserve. I provide the space & permission to want more, to learn to ask, & receive. My work guided by Law of Attraction, Channeling, & Empowering through reprogramming your old stories & limiting beliefs.

What People Are Saying

Dafi came into my life as a true gift of light, guidance and support.

“At a time when I felt confused, overwhelmed and lost Dafi came into my life as a true gift of light, guidance and support. Her knowledge and skills open my eyes to a path of inner strength and to a faith that fills me with so much hope and joy. Through our work I notice remarkable growth in myself and for that I am truly grateful.”

Santa Monica

The Book

After receiving the shocking news at age 36 of being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Dafi Shlanger shares her experiences of facing brain surgery with a husband and three children, ages 4 through 9, dependent on her at home.

“So compelling! I picked it up and couldn’t stop reading until it was finished. Highly recommended!”

” Rich with sensory details, I felt like I was right beside the author on her journey, seeing, hearing, and smelling everything she did.”

Work With Shanti
To work with Shanti or any of our RCC team members, your journey will start with a session with Dr. Maya Shakti who will work with you to create a custom plan for you. Additionally, you can arrange through email a Skype session one-on-one with Shanti (cost: $250).