About Idris

Meet Idris

In his approach to music healing and holistic wellness, Idris shares the lessons he has learned during his own spiritual journey. His methods, “Drummunication: A Transformational Experience” (D.A.T.E.) energize mind, body, and spirit.

Open to what the universe has to teach you.

Idris Hester has always been deeply aware of the sacred rhythms of the universe, the heartbeat that pulses through him. He is a shamanic angelic practitioner and facilitator, master percussionist, health rhythms drum-circle facilitator, and forensic addiction certified.

Using DATE on your journey of self-discovery and transformation Idris’ teachings include:

  • the foundations of drumming and percussion therapy
  • its effects on stress and overwhelming feelings of sadness and despair
  • the history of the drum
  • the importance of cleansing and caring for the drum
  • five steps of spiritual mind treatment using drums, and percussion
  • And MORE

Cultures all over the world have used drumming for centuries to relieve stress and get in touch with their spirituality. You can find the same power and passion through your own percussion therapy.

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What People Are Saying

Life will never be the same.

“It is my honor to say that a great instrument of healing and inspiration is in our midst. His name is Idris Hester. Through this instrument was birthed Drummunication a pathway of revelation, enthusiasm, and wholeness. For those who are fortunate enough to partake, Life will never be the same. Let the Joy times roll!”

Michael Bernard Beckwith
Author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning and Founder of AGAPE Spiritual Center

Your teachings and presence has had a profound effect on me.

“Powerful healer, shaman and teacher and I wanted to thank you for sharing your gift of life and love with everyone. Your teachings and presence has had a profound effect on me and it’s only been two sessions! My practice and insights are accelerating and I just wanted to take this time to acknowledge your generous heard and profound wisdom. I have been on the spiritual path for many years and you have definitely made a different in my life.”


“I need to let you know something, I love drumming! I am having an amazing experience in our sessions. Last night was INTENSE! Quite a bit of acceptance going on in my life.”


Thanks for all the wisdom and humor and guidance and caring that you bring.

“I feel Idris you are watching out over all of us as we journey through. And what a journey it has been! I have been thrilled that I am in session with you as the Shaman to us. Whew, I have been processing through many feelings this week- lots of release and letting go. It wasn’t the most comfortable stuff to move through, but now I’m on the other side of it and its great! I am just loving the drumming- for me it just moves right past the conscious mind, and right into the subconscious mind and the collective consciousness. Powerful, wonderful stuff. Thanks for all the wisdom and humor and guidance and caring that you bring.”


You are an amazing light in this world! Thank you!


Work With Idris

To work with Shiv or any of our RCC team members, your journey will start with a session with Dr. Maya Shakti who will work with you to create a custom plan for you.