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Shiv’s work is beyond anything that can be said or explained.  The presence Shiv brings to each session is infused with love, compassion, and the potential to transcend to higher levels of consciousness. Through his years of meditation, Shiv has come to understand that life is a ‘gift’ and a celebration of an experience. He has developed a step by step approach in his guided meditation sessions to free you from tension, self-judgment, and mental conditioning to allow you to show up fully and enjoy the gift that is your own life.

Feel free from tension, judgment, and mental conditioning

Shiv is a mystic of life and an independent speaker of consciousness. He has lectured and given transformational guided meditations in the US for years. He is the creator of “Nabhas” The Celestial Constellation Meditation. Through this Meditation one can activate and align the neurons of the brain with the Constellations of the Universe. He is also the designer of Dance Meditation Transformation (D.M.T.).

In Shiv’s own words:

“There is nothing about me as such that I have to state in words. A rose is being a rose and the butterfly that visits the rose is simply being a butterfly. The beauty is in the eyes that is observing and witnessing it. I have surrendered to this simple beauty of life. I am sharing my essence by being myself around you and my humble joy in being myself around you perhaps will make you experience the comfort of being yourself around yourself, if you call me a friend, that perhaps will hold a definition about me. I do not want to be misunderstood and bounded with titles, all I have are these moments in this experience of life across the cosmos and all of my being is thankful to the universe for letting me experience the joy of its creation.”

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What People Are Saying

Shiv provides clarity on how we may walk the path to spiritual liberation.

“The Seed of Nothingness reveals the utter simplicity inherent in Every thingness. In this book Shiv explores how our attitudes, motivations, projections, and even our spiritual practices can bind us to an ego-centered version of spirituality. The mindsets and heart-sets he offers provide clarity on how we may walk the path to spiritual liberation.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith
Author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning and Founder of AGAPE Spiritual Center

“Meeting Shiv allowed me to see the mental patterns that had been blocking me for years. I felt his ability to guide me in connecting my heart with my head really shifted things for me, since for years it felt like my intellectual head had overdeveloped leaving me feeling emotionally empty.”

Los Angeles

Shiv came into my life at the exact moment I needed someone to help guide me.

“As we spoke I felt our energies merge, he has a very special way about himself. It wasn’t what we spoke but the feeling in the moment, a moment of nothingness. As perfectly described in his book. I contemplated on the material chapter by chapter, leading me into deep meditation and meaning of my life. Slowly thoughts would drift away. Replacing within me the gift of newness and possibilities in every breath I take, living in life’s vibration, life’s heartbeat. Allowing life force energy to flow through and guide me in everything I do.”

Alison Eisen
Santa Monica

“Spending time with Shiv and hearing his almost poetic responses to my many question allowed the mud of my mind to easily settle. I was than able in a relatively short time (a few weeks) able to feel my heart for the first time. I could literally hear a new voice emerge from the mud of my mind the voice rouse up like a bright and shining lotus.”


“Meditation with Shiv had plenty of quiet contemplative time, which was very valuable; but there were also other aspects that were quite the opposite. At times I had to stretch my comfort zone to engage, but that heightened their value. It was a great experience, and I’m looking forward to further practice with Shiv!”

Patrick Riggs

“It has been an absolute joy hosting Shiv at our event space! He has such a pure kind heart and truly embodies the spiritual wisdom and teachings that he shares. All who attend his programs, are deeply moved and inspired.”

New Renaissance Bookstore and Events

More From Shiv
Like the stars that make up the constellation, our very own neural networks within our brain are mirror reflections of those stars. Through this guided meditation series you will be able to activate and align the neural curcuitry within your heart and connect with the oneness of the Universe. By the end of the course you will be able to connect deep within your inner self and meditate easily.
Every individual tends to stumble upon the blockages of their mind when it comes to finding their purpose of life. The mind intervenes and creates an illusion of thoughts and security around certain belief structures and conditionings. This book breaks the realms of the mind, and goes a step further making a clear connection with a person’s heart, and the mind by answering not only the question itself, but also making one face the source from where the question initially arose. This book paves a path from the mind to the heart, and creates a deeper understanding that one cannot just shut the mind out, but one can live in harmony by connecting the heart with the mind.
Work With Shiv
To work with Shiv or any of our RCC team members, your journey will start with a session with Dr. Maya Shakti who will work with you to create a custom plan for you.