Dr. Maya has this ability to navigate through circumstance and story and hone in on what is really going on.

“Working with Dr. Maya in our couples sessions has really been transformative.  I think what makes her approach unique to couples work so interesting is that in many ways your relationship as a couple is just a reflection of each individual.  Bearing this in mind I think Dr. Maya tackles the couple through the individual.  What is so advantageous about this is that each partner bears witness to the others work.  So many issues inside the relationship can be worked through by an increase of each person’s awareness.  When you get to watch your partner work through their own defenses, or patterns, or watch them gain awareness of something they may have been missing you are essentially on the inside of the work.  Dr. Maya has this ability to navigate through circumstance and story and hone in on what is really going on, where the real issue lies.  She is unbiased, non-judgmental, exacting and clear and really helps guide you towards your most peaceful and perhaps more importantly authentic self.  To say Dr. Maya has been instrumental in our relationship would be an understatement.  The amount of personal and collective growth is undeniable.  When you enter into a space of choosing awareness and growth it can be very scary.  I can think of no one with more compassion, kindness, honesty, and clarity to help guide through that time.  Our relationship is stronger, we as individuals are more authentic and we are grateful that we get the opportunity to work with someone like Dr. Maya. ”

Los Angeles

Dr. Maya has completely changed my life.

“Dr. Maya Shakti is someone who not only listens, and understands the workings of the mind, but has given me the ability to access my own intuition which has completely changed my life. I am so grateful to her big heart for bringing me back to my heart.”

Santa Monica

Dafi came into my life as a true gift of light.

“At a time when I felt confused, overwhelmed and lost Dafi came into my life as a true gift of light, guidance and support. Her knowledge and skills open my eyes to a path of inner strength and to a faith that fills me with so much hope and joy. Through our work I notice remarkable growth in myself and for that I am truly grateful.”

Santa Monica

Maya is absolutely brilliant at reflecting back to me the essence of what I’m struggling with.

“Maya has truly been a rock for me in so many different ways. She is absolutely brilliant, reflecting back to me the essence of what I’m struggling with, and what she thinks I can focus on, in a positive way. She has never tried to influence me in any way other than to help me figure out what is best for me – to listen to my inner voice. What I love about working with Maya is her ability to distill down each moment into one action step to work on, one thing at a time to focus on, upon which you can build a foundation of confidence, courage, and strength. My main issues revolve around feelings of overwhelm, lack of purpose, and self confidence as an artist – things that plague many creative types, as part of the nature of our work from time to time. What Maya has done for me cannot be explained in words. She helped create a loving environment where I could fully access my deepest emotions, release my deepest emotional blocks, and also look at some of the cornerstone issues I’ve faced throughout my life in an absolutely positive way. I’ve worked with many therapists in my life, and I never really got anywhere thriving. When I met Maya, I told her this information – I said, “I don’t want to just talk and you listen and nothing happens. I know that’s part of the initial process, but I want to DO things about the issues I’m working with. I want to make progress on them. I want to do the work.” And thus began one of the greatest journeys of my life – to know myself, and – to LOVE myself – facilitated by Maya’s expert experience and care. ”


I have grown exponentially as a person.

“I can honestly say that through my work with Maya, I have learned so so much about self support, self care, and I have grown exponentially as a person. We have used and employed tools like Nonviolent communication, meditation, the Emotion Code, and many other types of modalities, to address my issues from a holistic point of view. Each tool has been used conscientiously, selected for each particular issue I am working through at the time. Through all this work over the years, I have learned new ways to speak to people, new ways to hear information, new ways to allow people into my life, and new ways to look at situations. As a result – my relationships to others and to myself have flourished beyond anything I could have ever imagined. My mother and I didn’t get along for basically my entire life, and after employing nonviolent communication with her for a year or so, our relationship has blossomed and grown to a point where I can’t see my life without her and she is a source of great support. The same can be said for my relationships with many others. I have a thriving community, a thriving business, and a thriving relationship to myself and my friends for the first time in my entire life. The depth of my gratitude to Maya cannot be expressed in money or words. It is just a feeling – that she is my friend, that she loves me, that she believes in me, and that she will always be there for me. She’s my ride-or-die core person on my care team, my secret weapon for keeping an even keel in the most stressful of life and work situations – and I can easily say that I deeply love her and the relationship we have created together.

In short, Maya is one of the most talented individuals I’ve ever worked with. Spending time with her is one of the greatest investments in yourself you could ever do!”

Los Angeles

Shiv came into my life at the exact moment I needed someone to help

“Shiv came into my life at the exact moment I needed someone to help guide me. As we spoke I felt our energies merge, he has a very special way about himself. It wasn’t what we spoke but the feeling in the moment, a moment of nothingness. As perfectly described in his book. I contemplated on the material chapter by chapter, leading me into deep meditation and meaning of my life. Slowly thoughts would drift away. Replacing within me the gift of newness and possibilities in every breath I take, living in life’s vibration, life’s heartbeat. Allowing life force energy to flow through and guide me in everything I do.”

Alison Eisen
Santa Monica

I truly cannot say enough positive things about Maya and the work we have done together.

“Maya becomes the mirror I am yearning to look into when we have our time together. I have never worked with someone before who was so gifted and effortless at sensing how to best hold the space in order for me to learn and gain what I needed. She is also so skilled at coupling the practical tools with the underlying spiritual growth, that I always felt like I left each session with both a deepening in myself and a sense of expansion into the world. In just one years time (to the day actually), I discovered that I had developed an awareness of my patterns and how to be a mirror for myself; I felt that I could begin to step into a more reliable and kind relationship with Me. I have had challenges with overwhelm and feelings of stress, over-achieving, closing off my emotional pathways, and self acceptance (to name a few), and while these habits and stories may still arise in me, I am able to see them for what they are with a clarity that I didn’t know I could possess. When I find myself in places and patterns that I used to get lost in, I will often ask myself “what would Maya say right now?” And what that really means to me is “what does my mirror need me to see and hear right now?” Through my work with Maya, I have found a trustworthy friend—in her, and, more importantly, in myself. I truly cannot say enough positive things about Maya and the work we have done together. She is a rare and exquisite human, who works with deep understanding, sensitivity, compassion, and clarity. I hope I will remain connected to her for many years to come.”

Los Angeles