Woman of Now Mastermind Course

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This opportunity is for the young UPRISING female, ready to step into her power.

You’ve recently realized there is so much more to you than you imagined, but with all the self-development resources out there, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This Mastermind group course will provide a personalized path to actually witnessing your own ability with the guidance from years of training and the support of other women. You will learn to fully release anxiety, fears, doubts, and past stories that keep you looping in what once was familiar and now has become a suffocating space. Get ready, Woman of Now, to break free of your cocoon and meet the butterfly that you are.

What to Expect

You’ll spend 4 weeks with a small group of women, supporting and encouraging each other.

You will meet weekly via ZOOM for a live empowering and instructional video session.

Course material will be uploaded into your online portal where you will have lifetime access.

Discussions will continue in your private Facebook group.

Receive a FREE one-on-one coaching session with Maya.

Session cost: $999
(Information about payment options and early bird prices available soon.)

WEEK ONE: Identifying Limiting Emotions and Beliefs

1. Guided personal reflection to identify your blocks

I will guide you to deep internal reflections into the subconscious mind. You will come to understand this as a sacred space of truth. You will learn to access this deeper inner wisdom as a way to acknowledge what blocks are getting in the way of feeling whole.

2. Self-care techniques and routines

In order to feel our best, we must take care of our individual bodily instruments to allow all the healing and powerful transformations to take hold. I will share with you my key mind and body, maintenance routines that have inspired me to feel connected throughout my day.

3. The neuroscience behind positive habit formation

Throughout the course, you’ll receive practical tools to reinforce your new positive habits. Research shows that it takes 21 days of consistent practice to experience the benefits of a new habit. You’ll be able to share your experiences with the group within the 4-week course!

4. Affirmations

Understand how to use the extreme power of words for transforming the mind. Develop routines for using affirmations throughout your day to create powerful shifts in your thought patterns. 

5. Meditation

The teachings in this course will benefit you whether you are experienced, have tried meditation but can’t seem to stick with it, or are totally new to it and perhaps feel intimidated. You will learn meditation methods combining breathing techniques with state of mind activations that will elevate your experience so you can benefit from the very first session and have a more powerful cumulative effect.

6. Gratitude

More than any other personality trait, gratitude is strongly linked to mental health and life satisfaction. Grateful people experience more joy, love, and enthusiasm, and they enjoy protection from destructive emotions like envy, greed, and bitterness. You will learn true, lasting strategies for cultivating authentic gratitude.

7. Breathwork

Our breath is a sensitive instrument that adjusts to even the slightest thought and emotions that we experience. You will learn several effective and scientifically proven breath combinations to calm, increase focus, and experience balance.


WEEK TWO: Letting Go of the Old, Creating Space for the New

You will be guided through an activity to record traumatic events, both large and small, in your life and learn the techniques to break free from that stress and the limiting beliefs they carry with them.

1. EFT- a process that combines Eastern medicine approaches and Western psychotherapies, tapping along energy meridians in the body to promote physical and emotional healing.


Reducing short-term or chronic stress

Reducing muscular tension and joint pain

Decreasing fatigue and boosting energy levels

Decreasing tension headaches

Coping with emotional problems such as low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety

Improving athletic performance, focus, and coordination

Helping to improve sleep quality

3. Emotion Code

Releases trapped emotions that get in the way of us feeling authentic and free to enjoy life.  

4. Biokinesiology Muscle Testing: Getting Answers From the Subconscious Mind

Much research has revealed the power of our subconscious minds. It is like a human computer, recording everything that has happened in our lives. I believe the subconscious mind knows exactly what is going on with us, and how we can heal from it. Using this scientific technique while exploring emotional issues the strength of your muscles acts as a signal to understand what needs to be healed. You will learn how to use this powerful tool to directly connect to your own bodies and learn to heal yourself. use her info to pick and choose what to share to make it really exciting: 


WEEK THREE: Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

We will only attract those that treat us as we internally treat ourselves. We will investigate some of your main relationships and the ones you want to cultivate to create the recipe for attracting the exact person into your life.

1. Evaluating Relationships.

While you won’t learn how to cut ties with anyone that isn’t good for your life, this will be an opportunity to take an inventory of the relationships that receive your time and attention.

2. Challenges of the Empath.

Learn how to leverage your inward connection to yourself make healthy relationship choices. Understand what you want to do, when you are taking on others’ emotions and how to give them back.

3. Setting Healthy Boundaries.

In my many years of working with individuals to reclaim their sense of self, I have identified several physical and emotional symptoms that alert us when we have overstepped our own internal boundaries. 


WEEK FOUR: Reinforcing Up-level Shifts, Manifestation, Moving Forward

1. How to integrate these strategies into your own life and business.
Through the session, you will continually build on the previous steps and techniques so that by the end you are not just stepping boldly forward but stepping lighter, with more ease and a lot more excitement to confidently go where you never imagined you had the benefit of traveling.

2. How to prepare yourself to be what you seek.
Whatever it is you are seeking on the outside is just a reflection of the potential you already are within. This entire session experience will help you help yourself by teaching you the fundamental techniques to unblock the path and reestablish the sacred connection to your source. From this place, life will feel more like living in color. Like you’ve stepped onto the scene of a dream that now IS your reality.

3. How to solidify and maintain your firm foundation. 

You will be prepared mentally and emotionally to be more resilient. Through our time together you will shift to higher levels of positive emotions and learn to keep and maintain them using new ways of living that will constantly reinforce this new growth.

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